ReadOpAtt Script

Demonstration script to show how to read Object creation time and thus other NDS operational attributes from eDirectory using PHP LDAP Calls

This is an addendum to various PHP scripts I've posted. Its solely a demonstration of how to read Operational attributes using LDAP and PHP. All this script does is to produce text output to the Console screen - it demonstrates the principle rather than doing any useful reporting.

Comments in the code show what is going on, and the crucial call is included in different forms which can be commented out and uncommented to demonstrate what is happening.

To run this script fill in the user id, password, server and base ldap variables, copy it to an appropriate location on the server, and run it from the console. If the file is in sys:phpscripts on a Netware server then the command line would be:-

load php sys:/phpscripts/readopatt.php

Change History

  1. 15th May 2009 - Initial Release.


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