Zen Application Association Reporting Utility

A php script to report all Application Associations for users under a given Organizational Unit

This scripts were written for a Zenworks 7 to Zenworks 10 migration. Its intended to report all Zen 3 to 7 application objects that are associated to users under a given OU, whether directly, by a group object or by an Organizational Unit. It would be useful for any need to report app object usage. The output is a csv file, with a separate line for each user/application object/association so it can be sorted or processed as required. The fields are:- User DN,User Name,App Title,App DN,Association and Association DN. Association is the only field not contained in eDirectory, and says whether the application object is associated with the user object, a group, or the users organizational unit.

To install this you need to have a web server which supports PHP and LDAP. The tool is tested and installed on both Netware 6.5 and OES2 SP2 with Apache, but should be capable of running on other combinations of web server and operating system provided that php is installed and configured with LDAP support. I recommend you create a new folder for the application files in the web server root folder. On an "out of the box" NW65 install this will be sys:Apache2\htdocs, so create sys:Apache\htdocs\zappassc. Extract zappassc.php into this folder. No other configuration is necessary. On OES it is, at a minimum, necessary to change one line of code. This is documented in the region of line 150 in the script. The program creates a temporary file on the file system and Linux requires that you set a full path.

To run the installed scripts start a web browser on an appropriate device and point it at the zappassc.php script. In the example above the usr would be http://[servername]/zappassc/zappassc.php. From there on it should be self explanatory. The script should run on any reasonably recent web browser and client operating system.

Change History

  1. 30th March 2010 - Initial public release.
  2. 30th November 2011 - some small changes to assist with running the tool under Linux


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