X:10 T: Michael Turner's Waltz R: waltz (GM) T:(Green Man April 2019) M:3/4 L: 1/8 K: Gmaj |:GA | B2 BG cA | d2 d2 gf | e2 ef ge | d2 d2 GA | B2 BG cA | d2 d2 cA | G2 GB AF | G4 :| |: AB | c2 cd Bc | A2 A2 Bc |d2 de cd | B2 B2 gf | e2 ef ge | d2 d2 GA | B2 Bc AB | G4 :| W: W:More properly, the waltz from the Michael Turner collection as it was most W:definitely composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, no. 2 of "Six German Dances". W:It is unknown how this came to be ascribed to Michael Turner fiddler, W:shoemaker, parish clerk and sexton of Warnham in Sussex. W: