X:18 T:Uncle Bernard's Polka T:(Green Man April 2019) M:4/4 L:1/8 K:G |:G2A2B2c2|d2 de dc B2|c2 cd cB A2|B2 Bc B2A2| G2A2B2c2|d2 de d2g2|fedc B2A2|[1G2z2A4:|[2 G2z2d4|| |:g2g2f2e2|d2 de dc B2|c2 cd cB A2|B2 Bc B2d2| g2g2f2e2|d2 de d2 g2|fedc B2A2|[1G2z2 d4:|[2 G2z2 A4]!D.C.! |] W: W:A firm favourite of the English session scene, known everywhere, super easy W:to play and guaranteed to annoy your trusty session organiser. Bah. W: