X:9 T:Man in the Moon, The T:(Green Man April 2019) S:Brian Peters Melodeon Workshop, lewes C:Scan Tester R:Waltz M:3/4 L:1/8 K:G |:D2|"G"G3A G2|"D"F2E2D2|"G"G2A2 B2|"C"c4 Bc| "G"d4 c2|"D"B2 c2 A2| "G"G6| G4:| |:Bc| "G" d6| d6| "Am7" c2 A2 B2| c6| "G" B3 A Bc| d2 B2 G2|"C" E2 F2 G2| "D" A2 F2 D2| "G" G3 A G2| "D" F2 E2 D2| "G" G2 A2 B2| "C" c4 Bc| "G" d4 c2| "D" B2 c2 A2| "G" G6| G4:| W: W: W:A tune popularised, but not composed, by Scan Tester. Not only a pretty waltz W:but also the tune for a song, collected by Alfred Williams. There's a modern W:recording of the song by The Full English that's worth checking out. W: