Drawings of GWR Locomotives

Outside Framed 4-4-0s

See this article for more details of these locomotives.

The family resemblance over the years is clear, as is the sometimes striking differences in appearance caused by different types of boiler - most notably the large and small boilers in the 3521 Class. The variations in the 19th Century classes create a positive minefield for modellers: a locomotive could go into the works for a heavy overhaul and come out looking as if it were of a different class.
The 3521 Class, which was a rebuild of some dreadful 0-4-2 and 0-4-4 tanks is the odd one out here. The others are all intimately related, and indeed could be rebuilt from one class to another. There is no sense of separate designs from Dean, Churchward or Collet: its just a common design landscape.

They are in roughly chronological order. If you can look at these drawings and gain a greater understanding of how these 4-4-0 designs evolved over the years then I will have achieved my aims with these sketches, but if you use them for anything beyond the simplest "plastic bashing" representational modelling then I have done you a disfavour by creating them.
The drawings are arranged so they can be opened in individual tabs of a tabbed browser and flicked between to look at the changes. Whilst they are to a consistent scale, I deliberately haven't shown the scale because of the various caveats noted above.

Duke Sketch (3252) Diagram E. Approx 1895 Dean 4-4-0
3292 Sketch Badminton Class (later 41xx) Diagram J. 1897 Dean/Churchward 4-4-0
3297 Sketch Earl Cawdor, Badminton Class Diagram O. 1903
See note 1
Dean/Churchward/Wright 4-4-0
3521 Sketch Diagram A13. Approx 1915 Dean 4-4-0
City Sketch (3400 later 37xx) Diagram A17. Approx 1914 Churchward 4-4-0
Flower Sketch (4101 later 41xx) Diagram A19. Approx 1915 Churchward 4-4-0
Bulldog (Straight Frame) Sketch (3341, later 33xx) Based on Diagram A23. 1923 Churchward 4-4-0
Bird Sketch (3441, later 33xx) Diagram A23. 1923 Churchward 4-4-0
Badminton Sketch (41xx) Diagram A24. Approx 1923 Dean/Churchward 4-4-0
3521 Sketch Diagram A27. Approx 1923 Dean 4-4-0
Duke Sketch (3252) Diagram A39. Approx 1932 Dean 4-4-0
Bulldog (Curved Frame) Sketch (33xx) Diagram A42. Approx 1933 Churchward 4-4-0
Dukedog Sketch (Earl or 32xx) Diagram A43. 1936 Dean/Churchward/Collet 4-4-0


1. Earl Cawdor: this astonishing Badminton rebuild was very much based on Eastern lines practice: there's an obvious resemblance to locos like the Claud Hamilton class. Apparently F.G. Wright, Churchward's chief draughtsman, came up with the idea of running an extended experiment with a large high capacity boiler, round top firebox and all, which was of course the style to be adopted by the NER and GER and its successor the LNER. The locomotive ran for several years like this, although apparently the GWR enginemen complained about the cab and it was cut down quite quickly. The experiment obviously had no effect on GWR boiler design so one assumes no advantage was found. The complaints about the enclosed cab, on the other hand, do seem to have influenced GWR practice since nothing so enclosed was ever tried again.

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